Firefox is showing the chosen cursor but nothing else does

I have got a new old computer.
A macbook pro (2012).
Mac OS Catalina was a bit slow and I wanted Archlabs on it.
It’s working incredibly well with Archlabs! Even the touchpad is how I want it! (synapctics). I am very impressed with the work!!

I have one little tiny problem.
My chosen cursor (oxygen-grey) does only show in Firefox and nowhere else.
I have synaptics installed (do not want to change that when it’s working so well!)
I have edited gtkrc-2.0 and gtk3-ini and the index.theme (icons/default).
Have I “overdone” it or I am missing something?

Very thankful for a hint!


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Was that working with another cursor before just out of curiosity !

Might have to do with the latest update also.

Good point. The former cursor was Adwaita and that is still active everywhere but in Firefox.


Oh, is that a fresh install ! Thinking about it.

open the xfce mouse/touchpad settings and change it there as well.

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Yeah it’s fresh!


Hey cool, have a look at @natemaia s post as I think you were posting at the same time.

Forgot to mention, that is done!


Post the contents of

cat ~/.icons/default/index.theme

Also have you restarted the applications after changing the cursor, most won’t update on the fly.

Thx for sharing @natemaia , wasn t aware of that cursor-wise.

cat ~/.icons/default/index.theme gives
[Icon Theme]


How did you install the cursors, AUR package? I think it’ll be easier for me to see if I can get it working first.

Looks like you don t have either LXAppearances or XFCE settings or so in there for whatever reasons.

Yes aur. oxygen-cursors-extra


Perfect, installing it now and I’ll get back in a second

Here s my output from my BL install;

cat ~/.icons/default/index.theme
    # This file is written by LXAppearance. Do not edit.
    [Icon Theme]
    Comment=Default Cursor Theme

I have xfsettingsd in autostart and XFCE is installed as backup DE.
I also have lxappearance and lxappearance-obconf installed.


Oh, wonder if they re fighting each other !

Maybe @natemaia can chim in on that.

Could be. But how to fix it?


Don t know my friend, I don t want to screw it more than it is right now !