Firefox and the AL logo

Is anyone else having weird issues with the favicon for the AL forum?


Haven t found anything out of the ordinary as of late, as I tought it was always weird here ! lol

Since when it does that @Dobbie03 . Is that recent !

I know my gmail favicon haven t appeared for ages on my FF Bookmark Toolbar. Wonder why it s that.

Since the last version of FF, it must be my custom css.

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Interesting, it isn’t my css that is causing the issue. Very strange indeed. It must be related here and the settings. The other DIscourse based forums seem to be okay.

Yep, updates still continu to screw up our installs as usual.

Do you use ESR or the main release !

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Main release. I could try the ESR version.

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I use the ESR version, no issue for now !

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Looks fine to me.

archie:~$ pacman -Q firefox  
firefox 95.0-1

Does the favicon on my webpage display correctly? It should be the same as my avatar.

It does indeed!

No issue.

local/firefox 95.0-1

It is very strange. I’m running an update on the forum again. All the images in the settings are the correct format and size.

This happened a while ago for me then it just started working correctly again. It’s not my compositor either.

$move ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.saved

and launch firefox again.

It looks like it was an issue with my profile. I just created a new one and here we are :smiley:

Looked like this on my previous Debian install on the Chromebook. Both then and now I use the ESR version, but at the moment the problem doesn’t appear.

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It seems it is all working as it should now. A strange thing indeed.

I remember it would first appear properly on the main page, to brake a moment later.

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Yes that was the issue I was having. My FF profile was so old anyway it was probably time for a clean out.