Firefox Addons

Share your lesser known and favourite Firefox addons here.

I came across this one for use with DuckDuckGo.

DDG is awesome but for me is a little hit and miss with results. Privacy Labrador hopefully will help you be a bit more accurate.

Good idea @Dobbie03

Wonder if those are lesser known, got these;

Webmail Ad Blocker


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Too bad it doesn t work with Gibiru .

Yeah its for DDG only at this point.

Yep , guess Qwant also if I saw it ok.

CSS Exfil Protection



Site Bleacher

Skip Redirect


A nice tool to play with.


Forgot about those, used to have them installed. Thx for the reminder @Head_on_a_Stick

Here is my new favourite addon.

For those that use Adwaita Dark.

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Looks great @Dobbie03

what i use now is tabliss:
it is more a extention then a addon

completely adjustable to your own taste as you can see

I only have ublock origin installed. Don’t like to too many extensions running inside FF. They get access to what you’re browsing & what you’re typing in the browser.

In FF settings, I enable private mode, https-only, do not track (not very useful though) and use DDG & startpage as the search engine. Also disable mozilla data collection.

Also have a pi-hole running to block sites at DNS level.

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No analytics tracking for me :slight_smile:


Good to know. Will check it out.

Thx, never heard about this one @darknetmatrix

Had this one for a while, a great AddOn @Head_on_a_Stick

These are the extensions if FF I use:

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I just use Dark Reader and Ublock lulz. Sometimes I ue HTTPSEverywhere with Privacy Badger and Decebtarlize with the aforementioned, but it depends on if I go more Power User.