Fingerprint Reader. Authentication agent question

Openbox isn’t specifically listed… which polkit authentication agent should I use, or is most appropriate to use, as listed here

I’ve managed to infer that it seems to be required in the section about installation.

I wasn’t sure which I might use in conjunction with OpenBox

Are you running Archlabs, if so you already have a polkit and it’s the required packages installed and set up, (at least they should be), we use gnome’s policy kit, it’s the most actively developed and has had less issues than others in the recent past.

Hope that helps, cheers

Yes, I am running Archlabs and enjoying it thoroughly, I will try following the rest of the setup guide with this knowledge.

The fingerprint reader isn’t even a big deal. Just thought it’d be neat to have it working.

Following the short guide you linked above and editing the su and sudo files in /etc/pam.d/ should work, let me know if you need any further help.

You may instead want to look at fprint as it is an official package and the setup is equally simple.