File encryption applications (non AUR)

Hey all -

Currently I use ccrypt to encrypt files from the CLI or within a bash script. The thing I love about this app, I can simply use a password to encrypt a file and no matter who I give the file to, as long as they know the password, they can access it. The ciper is decent with that app and it’s been working well for my needs. What I would like to accomplish: I’m trying to remove as much AUR apps as possible from my system.

Any of you know of a similar processing application that will accomplish the same results? I’m not sure if gpg will allow the use password that anyone can pass without the need of having keys…


I think that when you install archlabs you have the option of encrypting your home folder. Am I right?
You also can use a linux-hardened kernel when you install. Its harder to install packages into, but is otherwise another option.,_signing,_steganography

Welp - I have opted to use (again) gpg. It’s been a good bit that I actually used that for file encryption but did manage to put a bash script together that does what I would like ti to do. It wasn’t a real big deal to work out getting past the interactive and passing the pass-phrase from a file. But at least I can now remove ccrypt. And that was the main goal, lol

For those that may be curious what I did:

gpg --yes --batch --passphrase-file=$file -c $rdest$archive_file

In short, I have the variable $file defined with full path and file name, and the remaining variables is the full location and file name of the encrypted file

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