Fellow Firefox users, check your privacy settings

Mozilla strike again, they have added adverts to the address bar with something they call “Contextual suggestions”. For us non-US based people they are disabled by default. You Americans will need to disable these. This was added to FF 93 but was conveniently left out of the changelog.


Mozilla seem deadset on dwindling their user base even further. I for one am well over their sneaky behaviour with these recent changes.

I’m also suggesting the following changes to eliminate region based suggestions if you for some reason don’t want to disable the contextual suggestions bullshit:

In about:config change the following:

Set browser.region.network.url to be blank (just delete the url)

Set browser.region.update.enabled to false


Yuck, guess I have to use qutebrowser.

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The good thing is that it is disabled by default. I understand that their partnership is supposed to run out in the next few years but at least they could be upfront about these changes and list them in the changelogs.

BTW, I am posting this reply from Qutebrowser.

I hope TheCompiler brings element blocking to Qute sometime soon.

I’m currently playing around with Vivaldi, this particular monitor on this screen has a crap resolution (it’s a million years old) but vivaldi has a setting for user interface zoom…and you can go below 100% so on this monitor at least vivaldi looks like it’s on a 2k screen…lol

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I have a very nice setup of Vivaldi in reverse. It looks a lot like Qutebrowser. I find the scrolling really shit with Vivaldi, but I do like the browser.

That interface zooming was very handy when I needed it.

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I switch it off via this:

I’ll try the suggestion though, thanks.

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OK, typing from qutebrowser now.

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Same here

This site has a heap setting which are suppose to make it faster and more private. haha?

I had to drop waterfox & palemoon as some of the government sites I use won’t work anymore non compatible browsers.


@KoO there is also privacytools.io

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Thx for sharing @Dobbie03 . Always have to check these giants.

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Mozilla’s management may be absolutely awful but they are the only browser that offers anything like the security of Chrom{e,ium} and they are also the last hold out against Google’s monopoly of web assets. Just my $0.02.

EDIT: ESR ftw!


Yes, we don’t have many options in fact. qutebrowser is nice but without element blocking, it’s still not ready for your everyday use. I also think when qutebrowser’s user base has grown large enough, they would do the same as what FF is doing now. Sad but true.


Guess that it helps in order to be more stable as there s less updated.

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Yup, that’s me.

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Thanks for the link Dobbie03 the more ways we can try and protect how privacy the better.

I found this video last night from Mental Outlaw who is a gentoo user running dwm and I did everything in the video myself the only thing you have to trust the profile maker. One thing I like you can change your profile back the default with one click and still keep the custom profile.

Making Firefox Great Again

I just don’t like the fact that these large company’s sit back and make bucket loads of money, from where we go on the internet as we are doing all the work for them yet we do not get one dollar not even a thanks . To me this is just modern day slave labour.

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Mozilla and Google were both founded in the same year, 1998.

Since Google Chrome’s release in December 2008, its market share has steadily increased to nearly 70% while Firefox’s market share has dropped to roughly 8 percent.

Being that Facebook and Google dominate almost the entire internet space and market share, I would cut Mozilla a ton of slack since it was risen from the ashes of Netscape. Mozilla is not making anyone Muslims from Uighur, the fact that they still exist is due to open source. Companies have to have a revenue stream, and any project is ran by dollars, and to scale for millions and millions of users while still having an ethos and one of the leaders in security at FFOX’s stock price is hardly they getting rich. Just think if a distro had to have Vivaldi as Internet Explorer ala the browser war between Explorer and Netscape.


I can clearly remember the day Netscape win the court case against microsoft over internet explorer we were so happy for Netscape which we were all using at time loved Netscape. I don’t have a problem with firefox at all arrr the new Netscape I,m glad their still making money and it is not based on chrome. I would like to see them do something like Brave and give users some credit for using there browser. And after that I moved to Opera for years really like it too, but one day Opera got brought out and then went to shit almost straight away. So I then moved to palemoon and so fucken on it go’s. And I do not have a problem with any of these company’s making money

Fuck this matrix type internet bullshit. We had freedom back then but not anymore we are just money making machine now, and we get nothing back we just keep paying. Like milking cows.
Thanks for your reply.

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That’s a link to Firefox Gold Corp. stock listing.. Couple of nice projects in the works.

Mozilla is a non-profit foundation; I don’t think they have aa listing.


Thanks for the correction, Mozilla is a non profit. I had a few pints watching the Giants vs Dodgers and was looking for Firefox’s market shares.