Feedback on recent changes

We have made a fair few changes with the website, forum, reddit etc lately. If anyone has feedback, good or bad, feel free to throw it here.

If its bad, be kind, I am a sensitive wee chap.

All fine here on my end and it`s faster for me. Much faster.

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All good on my end.

Haven’t been to the Reddit page in a while; you getting much traffic there? I know a lot of people prefer Reddit so it’s nice to have that option.

Also all good on my end @Dobbie03

No complaints. :slight_smile:

Forum feels much smoother now. So :+1:

I wish I could say that.

What s up on your end @Dobbie03

Quite a bit slower, forum hangs, images slow to show.

I need to chat with Sam about it really. It is probably something my end.

Might be, here everythings ok & still faster than the other forum. Weird.

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That’s why I think it is my end :smiley:

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Ok, hope that you ll fix it soon enough.

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This incarnation also feels significantly faster for me, the old boards used to take several seconds to load the page even with my 70Mb connection.

Hmmm, maybe I just strike it at a high load time?

Everything works perfectly and faster

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I like it! Btw, is this the real @Dobbie03 or his clone? The conspiracy deepens…

By the way, happy April Fools Day everyone!

Happy fools day @sevenday4 ! lol

Its the real Dobbie. I didn’t bother with an April fools joke, second year running. Personally I can’t be bothered and current climate isn’t really in a fooling mood :smiley:

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Love the new forum look. No issues. The website is nice too.

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I understand. But sometimes we have to come up for air when dealing with things that can suffocate us, if we let them. I’m not in the greatest situation neither, but I do thank God for those things I do have.