Fedora Transfer

Hey all, I’m pretty new to linux. This fall I’ll be going to college to pursue a math major, so I figured that using/knowing linux would make my life a bit easier (and it seemed pretty fun). I started out with fedora and used it for a couple months, and I eventually stumbled upon this distro. It seemed pretty cool, so I gave it a shot and installed it this morning with the help of some very kind members. I look forward to using this distro in the future, it seems nice!


@theUndertaker Welcome to ArchLabs, we’re happy to have ya! :smile:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we all learn something new everyday. It’s always fantastic to find someone interested in Math, Engineering or the Sciences. Best of luck with school!

Welcome to ArchLabs. I think you’ll find an Arch based distro a whole lot easier to use than Fedora :smiley:


Welcome aboard !

Edit:added stuff.

Remember my little stint with Fodera, Fuduntu, which was a respin of Fodera, liked it pretty much , but last too short.I don t remember when , but pretty much on my Linux beginnings .

As mentioned above, glad to see people going at either maths , sciences etc.

welcome , mate!

Me too, they are not happy memories.


Lol, never had the hunk of it, weird on my side I guess.

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Welcome !
Coming from Fedora as well, it’s quite refreshing actually, the AUR is pretty fantastic when you didn’t use it before =)
@altman @Dobbie03 Mind if I ask why you didn’t like fedora ?


It’s not that I dislike Fedora, I just found it frustrating to use. Particularly around codecs etc.

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Oh, you mean all the FOSS they focus on ? Yeah, it’s their mojo, for the better and the worst… But i’ve heard that it got improved in the last version.

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Not Fedora per see, It s more the rpm thing that I had issues with , say I was too used to Deb, apt, commands, must say that I liked Fuduntu, which was forked from Fedora oddly enough.,

Just as I was getting a little bit better with rpm Fuduntu was stopped.

Edit: Haven t spent enough time learning rpm commands the way it s supposed to work but didn t have much interests in learning it properly either. Had some sh!t going on at the time so rpm wasn t high on my priority list so to speak. lol

Edit2: It wasn t my cup of tea, but I don t say it s no good, each our own I guess.

Yes that. Mind you I only put minimal effort in to get Fedora working how I wanted. Already being a long time Arch user when trying it I found it annoying and extremely frustrating.

That’s similar to why I switched to an arch based distro. I found it pretty frustrating for getting some applications that weren’t optimized or packaged for rpm based distros, and I never got my printer drivers to correctly work. With arch, the aur just makes my life so much easier!

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The reply that wins every “why I use Arch” debate.

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