February 2021 Screenshot Thread

Chromium uses a dedicated process to handle a tab. Firefox uses a thread instead. It could be a little better in terms of memory usage. In addition, VM management is different between BSD and Linux. BSD tends to allocate when asked. Linux allocates when used.


Thanks to point that out @chroot. I usually prefer to use Firefox rather than Chromium, unfortunately Firefox has been incredibly sluggish on OpenBSD, so I’m sticking with Chromium for now.

Yep, they do differ and from my experience the BSDs as servers tend to manage memory better than Linux, but I could be wrong.

I really can’t comment on that @chroot, but I’ ll try to ask a friend who’s knowledgeable on this area, and if I get some good info from him, I 'll try to share it here asap.

Configured fluxbox so that the toolbar spans the dual monitors:

link to image

link to image

Not too bad; just have to remember to look to the right to see the clock.


new xfce install


Nicee @darknetmatrix . Was on xfce years ago before taking the plunge with OpenBox on CrunchBang.

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i’ve been using xmonad for half a year or so now.
a little bit hard to get into at first, but now i absolutely love it and i wouldn’t change it for anything.

that gorgeus ncmpcpp theme was made by @Dobbie03 , all credits to him

wallpaper: dp — ImgBB


Top @Cyr4x3

@altman thanks a lot! :grin:

A pleasure .

Tinkering a bit with i3


This is such a beautiful Xmonad setup @Cyr4x3. The music playing in the background also deserves a special mention :metal: :sunglasses:


Top again @Beast

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That’s gorgeous. The background matches your color theme perfectly.

unixporn material there

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Nice. What are you using for a panel, lemonbar?

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@Cyr4x3 Really beautiful! Dobbies term/ncmpcpp colorscheme is top.

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Excellent choice of music.

A little bit of padding in the terminal and you will have perfection.

The last wayland/swaywm shots for this year. I go back to X and dwm etc. Im not feeling comfortable with the wayland stuff. Dont ask why… I cant answer. Just a feeling… :grin:


Top @subjunkie

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I have only really dabbled with Sway, never really actually put any effort in.

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