February 2020 Screenshot Thread

i’m making some progress moving it with -x and -y but was hoping to get away from manual coordinates

Native run is always better, for sure. I’d like to try Void at some point, but don’t have any space on disk and time in my life for this :nerd_face:

I’ll try to adjust the code, if possible. But first I need to learn how to configure FVWM.

Frustrating and informative at the same time. :slight_smile:

with -x 735 and -y490 it’s looking right on a 1920x1080 display. I just realized it might be because I’m running dual mirrored monitors. Sometimes screen resolution isn’t detected properly. I’ll try it with just my laptop screen next.


One way or another: I tend to spam the screenshot thread lately. Let’s continue in the right place.

All my stuff behaves decently on FVWM. Hurray! :wink:


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really enjoying it over here too

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@nwg just a refference on that config. To get icons to show up 48x48 in the panel you gotta use my patched version of fvwm https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/fvwm-patched/ You can do it in the config without the patched version but it’s a lot of extra work without.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try in several hours. It’s after 4 am here. :slight_smile:

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Great program,going to replace it like Will for rofi.
Just have to configure some stuff for i3,have to play around with it a bit.


@5lb3ozBabyJesus. You could do far worse. It’s a nice suite.

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Hmmmm I 100% thought I posted this in @nwg sgtk thread and now I see it’s here?
Buuuut for my rescue it was pretty late and I was :sleeping:

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It’s a screenshot, isn’t it? :smiley:


Done, works like charm.

I’m very happy with this color scheme,not going to jump around with this one (at least that’s what I think…we’ll see tmr) :blush:

Thanks to @Dobbie03 I’m addicted now to “systemd-analyze” :rofl: :joy: …saw the post about systemd speed


That’s a really nice screenshot.

Don’t get too hooked up on that :smiley: I’m sure the times aren’t accurate :smiley:

Startup finished in 24.429s (firmware) + 5.152s (loader) + 2.018s (kernel) + 3.723s (userspace) = 35.323s
graphical.target reached after 2.550s in userspace

I’m sure that’s not accurate as my desktop is up and running in the blink of an eye

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Nothing but a new zsh theme


I was using P10K for some time but switched to SpaceShip, idk it I like it a bit more. That I see huge differences I don’t, but then again I’m not a expert

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