February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Wicked cool wallpaper! Would you mind sharing it with me?


@philT nice man!

@Xen, here you go http://fav.me/dav12zu


sure mate:


This weekend everything dark like the other computer. I’m just studying and writing with background music


Thx @Dobbie03


Wow, looks great @Dobbie03


Great looking shots @m00n @Negata @philT


Our little racing tanks sir @altman! They are not very fast tanks, but they are hard as a stone. Now I have 2 and 4 of ram in my equipment :muscle::muscle:


lol, you re welcome @Negata !


Goodbye systray, all the audio, clipboard, network and power management now done via cli or ncurses. Messed with i3-bar conky colors, some muted tones, not sure i want to keep that scheme yet, will play around a bit more i think. Im slowly weening myself off of the gui and descending further and further into the terminal :slight_smile: :computer:


Looks great @s7l


Thanks a lot gents! @philT @natemaia @altman @cog

Yes it originated from Boston icons, though I used Nordic as my source:


Nothing new. Default setup.


two in a day - sorry folks, just in the process of changing it up a bit. Smashing out some xfce screenies – gunna move back to OB maybe…??

Cheers labbers.

#conky clock (colours modified) and conky woirkspace indicator
as if you didnt know: feh, cava, sakura, ncmpcpp, tint2


Thats a fricking cool lookin terminal you have there @subjunkie!!!


Nice @subjunkie @philT


Playing around with color values and a few additions. This resource here is a good one if you want some some nice color palettes, https://coolors.co/browser/best/1


Nicee @s7l


Where’s your dots for this @philT? I would like to copy ( I mean steal😆) your dots for my use. Will probably change it a little, but your setup is a good start. Please.


you have a link for the wallpaper?