February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Same AL install beside updates.Simple AL/Tint2 & Conky


Keeping it default @altman


LOL (more sings since “Post must be at least 5 characters”)


Update, I added a conky config which I have used in the past. Modified from the original.


New Wall


I colorized some folder icons in pastels. It looks great on light gtk themes like Desaturin, Telinkrin, NewAdwaita I’m using. Just set Inherits to your icon theme to use it.

Quirkygirl clock


Man that is amazing.

Is it Gnome-Shell or Cinnamon?


Very nice screenshots! The conky from my previous scrot, I spent more time tinkering on it than actually using it. Yours is nice though.


Thank you :smiley:


Thanks! Gnome Shell of course. I like it more than Cinammon, Budgie or Mate. Just spotted the beautiful wall and wanted to post right away to claim first use. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen Gnome look that good in a very long time. Good work.

Like I have said a number of times, Cinnamon to me feels like the poor cousin of Gnome Shell.

Keep up the epic work.


Thanks. I use it because there’s so many beautiful themes out there made for Gnome. It’s also quite relaxing to use when I don’t want anything complicated.


I think this gif aptly describes your screenshot.


Those are some cool user dir folder icons


@m00n nice screenie

Looks like pastel folders originated from the “Boston” icon theme. That use to be my old goto with gnome shell.



Thats super clean @Dobbie03. Can you share that conky?


Thats great lookin @m00n!


Thanks man, there is a link in this post


Sorry. Missed it. Cheers mate.


#conky workspace indicator
#sakura terminal