February 2019 Screenshot Thread



spectrwm -


KDE5 on Slackware current -



@PackRat interesting, how do you like Slackware? That’s like the only distro I’ve never run. Plasma is a nice de. More customizable than the others.

Edit: konsole is my favorite vte based terminal emulator.


I have always liked Slackware, rock solid. If I was running a production server, it would be Slackware or *BSD. Slackware-current keeps the software pretty much up to date.

Patrick V. appears to be back in action, so they are looking to release Slackware 15, sometime this spring I think . I think they are still thinking about switching from sysvinit to OpenRC. - no such luck; still upgrading their sysvinit scripts.

Slackware + mate:



Not my thinkpad archlabs, but my pc ■■■■■■■■■ (not arcolinux), I have broken it many many times since last year but it has survived.


The pc I’m keeping it simple


Nice & dark right !


And this one from the laptop. A little more stylized


Wow, looks great @Negata


Photographs of a rare black leopard -



Wow , nice pic @PackRat


Saw a wallpaper I liked and decided to give it a go. Thought it turned out a bit cute. :wink:


I don’t have very much nice to say about ■■■■ or erik.

Your screenshot though, amazing.


Wow! There is some pink happening there!


who dat?


Oh a r c o.

I better leave it at that.


It definitely took me a minute to adjust to the brightness of it all. lol


Gotcha Matt. Say no more.


Thought i would give i3 a try. Im still very green at it :wink:


Nicee @s7l


To be honest with you, I really find Labs a lot better and will be the replacement for this machine when It will be broken for good.