February 2019 Screenshot Thread



lol, nice mod in there @Negata


OMG @philT I’m on a red eye tonight to San Juan.

Puuuuuurfect! Very nice theming.


You are too kind @McQ. Thanks!


I’ve used this wall before but I like it too much not to use it again.

Meshuggah \m/


Nicee @Dobbie03


New wall. And actually starting to do some work though it does not look like it.
And some minor tweaks on an earlier tint2 config.
And an increase in transparency, coz Im going through that phase again (and coz the wall is kickass).


Looks great @philT


Cheers bro @altman


No problema @philT


Came accross this one on /r/unixporn, wanted to share since it looks quite neat. I might check Q::shell soon ! :slight_smile:


New colors for this week. Without many changes. And Baph in action, I’m installing the Flightgear game


That s some changes in there @Negata ! Looks great.


Experimenting with @natemaia dwm build. Too lazy with customization, just added pywal colors there and using defaults keybindings together with old sxhkd config from bspwm. No fancy panels or transparency. All notifications context based - volume/brightness change, datetime with battery status on shortcut.


Getting back to the Android app untouched for almost a year is a real pain in the ass. Task for tonight: build the ad-free version. The rest of my commercial stuff was removed from the Play Store two months ago. No more slavery!


Nicee @dimaom @nwg


Proprietary code sucks. I’m completely stuck to Microsoft office for work. Luckily WPS is an identical clone. I can run it through firejail or snap/ Flatpak and retain some decency. It’s cool that open source operating systems can create some security/privacy even with unknown sources.


I was about to opensource the game you see in the picture. Unfortunately, the very first user who was given access, started from hacking the Top 10 list. So I gave up.


Shame that this wallpaper seems not to exist in a bigger size. It only fits my 1366x768 px netbook. :frowning:


Nicee @nwg


I wouldn’t use this wallpaper as for myself but I like the way it looks !