February 2019 Screenshot Thread





switched from surf to vimb -


vimb is in the AUR.

and pruning some cruft:



Winter vacation was probably not the best idea. Out of boredom, I cleaned the remains of GNOME from my laptop and played with colors which I don’t really see. :slight_smile:


Nice greeny theme in there @nwg


decided to stick with qutebrowser; using jgmenu to lauch bookmarks in separate qutebrowswer tabs:


ArchLabs + dwm window manager


Have you seen this?

Not that it was to my taste, but the guy put a lot of work into it.


I think I have actually, or something similar.


I installed it today. Nice but uncomfortable. I don’t think I could work on something like this.


New wall to match my window borders and back to audacious.


wall for anyone keen…


Nicee @philT


just changed some colors, i still need to edit some more, wallpaper by @Negata
(my system is in spanglish)


Using openbox and tint2 here, trying to get it operating like polybar with the taskbars. Im using font awesome in the openbox rc.xml for the desktop names.
Pic in termite could look better via neofetch, not sure how to do that?


Nicee @Hezen @s7l


No other bar does it better than tint2. IMO it looks the best with task names turned off.


@Hezen Looks good!


This is from the pc in a minimalist process. I’ve also reduced the packages to 777


And this is from my laptop


Top job again @Negata


Thanks sir @altman I only changed the check-network script symbols in polybar, it looks like a ball approaching :relaxed: