February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Ahh. Thanks @philT, just couldn’t remember the beast…


No worries man.


New version of dwm:


OK, so it looks exactly the same :grin:

I’ve replaced the shell snippet filling the status bar with slstatus, but that also looks exactly the same. The memory usage isn’t any lower but I think the processor overhead is (slightly) and it’s more l33t so I like it.


Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick


Anything particularly new?
I’ll have to upgrade/recompile later.


The config.h is slightly different, the colours are assigned via a (confusing) array, but I haven’t noticed any changes in respect of functionality (which is good).

We now have pledge(2) support in OpenBSD, which is brilliant, and lots of bug fixes for other distributions:


The big news is that this is the last version to support Xft fonts, they’re dropping them for the next release (although there will be a patch to add it back).


Just to cut back on the lines of code?

dwm + slstatus:

focusonclick and attachaside patches.


Wallpaper: Boardwalk
Conky Font: Arkitech


I don’t think the devs are fond of the Xft codebase, can’t find any details though.

Anselm described it as a “mess” in the release announcement.

I’m using attachaside with a small change to dwm.c to make the titlebar 2 pixels taller:


EDIT: status bar patch: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Head-on-a-Stick/9c9d8f21ea17fae34bf7f60405e0d2b3/raw/dcce36cfc743bd4b6317b3b5c0ee4f435a94449d/status.patch

EDIT2: some details about the Xft decision in the lobste.rs discussion thread:


using jgmenu to set up bookmarks for surf browser:



It reminds me of socialism:

Socialism heroically struggles with the problems it creates itself.

J/K :wink:


Installed 2019-iso. Faster and lighter. Works very well. This desk is compiz+xfce-panel and plank.





Great work!! Great and simple install and iso worked perfect for chroot!



Had to reinstall AL on my older laptop, decided to go a bit different with xfce this time (went like a charm btw <3). Decided to go for a macos imitation, but it’s still a work in progress.


I’m starting to get settled into ArchLabs now. Got my deepin-dark-mod script fixed from some thunar related icon issues.

Pretty much using a straight openbox session setup with only trayer and fvwm installed separately.


Simple and elegant.


@gazeka74 and @cog Looking good dudes.


Nice shot @McQ


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