February 2019 Screenshot Thread



You forgot bubble gum and duct tape…or was that bailing wire?


Can’t see the playlist, but I bet it doesn’t fit the wallpaper. :smiley:

As to some degree a colour blind person, never have I ever taken care of them much. It’s all your fault.


Nicee @nwg


I accept the blame :smiley:


no window decor:



Sorry…here’s the full image…


just another day livin in the dark


That is awesome! @natemaia, what is that on the right side there?


@natemaia, awesome.

@Chris that will be Qutebrowser.


I also continue to search for a music player. Now with qmmp, but I’ll try this


Ah - so that must be bookmarks then that run down the right side of qute?


Its @natemaia’s tabs :smiley:


I really need to fully commit to quteb. This Firefox just seems to get bogged down even with PiHole doing its thing.


Yeah I highly recommend Qutebrowser man.

Only running the terminals and Quodlibet as dark. Everything else is a light theme.


Finally installed it and am currently giving it a shot. First impression is that its fucking fast. Just gotta config it, then I’ll upload a screenie.


Hey Matt, saw this on redit:

What app did you use to show your computer’s readings?


@philT, it is fast. Surf is faster but not as feature rich.

@sevenday4, sorry man not my scrot. You’ll need to ask the guy at the original post as I only crossposted it to the AL page.


Oh, okay. I guess I’ll just dig around some I guess. Got to have my geek fix… :grin:


Don’t we all!!


@sevenday4 its gotop, if its what I think you were referring to.