February 2019 Screenshot Thread



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Wallpaper: Explorer I I
Conky Font: Radio Space


Really cool vibe


Today with more clarity


And these are from the pc, slightly with the modified appearance


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@McQ awesome set up there mate,

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Finally got the HP lappy fixed so this freed up the Lapenstien that got me through the back-light issue.
So, I have been wanting to try out Void. and here it is on the Dell.


Nice shot in there @Chris


Looking pretty sweet.


And what’s your impression? After several months of use I find it speedy and resources-friendly. However, some things (Bumblebee, PulseAudio), which simply work on Arch, on Void behave oddly. My t2ec package on Void is still a release behind the Arch version, as I can’t make everything work properly.


Welp - I agree with you on it being snappier than I expected, and that’s a good thing since the Dell is really nothing more than spare parts thrown into a bag and shaken, (not stirred) with some JB Weld :wink:

So yeah - I like that. As to video, nothing fancy on mine. No Nvid so can’t comment on that.
I run Pulse on it also. I know its working but I have not run it though a workflow I normally do. I will know more this evening once all my tweaks are done.

I’m basically mirroring what I have on my “production” HP lappy. minus some things like Eagle/KiCad but for the most part, it will be near similar. So, more on that later.

But yeah, both ArchLabs and Arch, I never really had issues (besides the one I had when very, very new to both - that of course is due to ignorance).


Same here. My Arch and Void both benefit from AL config files w/ some minor modifications. No point in reinventing what’s near to perfection. :slight_smile:


Checking out Quod Libet as my music player. Pretty cool so far.


Back to light themes, except for Quod Libet which is the dark alternative to the default theme.