February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Looks good @philT


Thanks @altman!


No problem mate.


had enough of tiling window managers, back to xfce4 and xfwm. I forgot how much power under the bonnet xfce4 has. I can carry all my keybinds over from dwm to xfce, only the tiling is non existent but for what i need i would rather floating windows.


Looks good, been on XFCE for a while before getting on OpenBox with CrunchBang years ago.


I have XFCE and Openbox as my DM/WM. To me, they’re more useful and easier to manage. Just my opinion of course, but… :thinking:


Went with this as well on my older laptop, plus I do not have to keep in touch with every changes I make on my regular laptop and I can lend it to someone not use to linux / i3 without worrying.


@sevenday4 I agree, much easier to manage. I dont mind openbox, but for day to day usability xfwm/xfce just nails it, always has.


The last of February around here


Nicee @Negata


Thanks sir @altman. I keep exploring the limits of gimp at times.


Can see that @Negata . It never stops right !


@negata - nice work.

sneak one more in:



Yeah that is really nice Phil.

@Negata, sweet set up.

@PackRat nice one to end the month

Nice work this month chaps. On to March.


Thanks Matt :beer:


Nice one @PackRat