February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Hard at work @Booming . Keep it on. Nicee.


Is that Brontos release/ISO?


Shot with @Negata `s wall with another background color.


Most excellent.



@Dobbie03 Thank you.


No, it’s a hacked version of BunsenLabs’ live ISO with my own configuration and the installer removed, I use it as a rescue system and to break into Windows machines and change the user passwords with chntpw :slight_smile:


Really nice @subjunkie. Nice wall @Negata.

That window border colour is just great.


Liking that panel man. Sweet set up.


@philT Thank you very much.


What is the name of the font?


@subjunkie Superb and beautiful!!


Top @subjunkie @Dobbie03


Good one! :laughing:




@philT It`s " Misc Ohsnap". You can find it here: https://github.com/Tecate/bitmap-fonts


@Negata Thank you and thank you for your work with the wall. Top job!


Nice one @PackRat
Not sure what’s happening with Arch packaging.
Hopefully v2.1 will be out soon.
Assume you built from source?


That’s Void.
Version 2.2 just came through.


Last one for Feb.

New window border and testing an info script I found at unixporn.
and featuring my recently fixed dmenu2 (colours to be modified).