February 2019 Screenshot Thread



fluxbox; porting over one of the candidate openbox themes for BL Lithium:



Nice! I like it.


Wow, not bad! In UK English meaning. :slight_smile:


Today Saturday studying and bored at home. Without many changes in the laptop.


Looks great!


Nicee @PackRat


Oh no another that the Brits captured… :laughing:


I really like Openbox. Trying out live wallpaper.



Wow, nice music-themed wall in there @womp


Thanks man. I am playing around with an app called “Livewallpaper”. I am actually in one of the photos myself!



wow, great !

Edit: so I guess you re a jazz player @womp !


added some opacity and color to the dwm bar, changed conky readout as too many font icons, thought it looked ugly.


^ Nice; better without the icons.

jgmenu 2.1, greeneye layout:


nice work malm.


@PackRat It’s especially nice


Nicee @s7l @PackRat


Please add this one to your wallpaper collection thread; love the contrast.


@PackRat Sure, right now. (Edit: Added in Custom )

I’ve taken a break to smoke a cigarette and I’ve made this script to play music when I’m studying. I needed to disconnect from my notes.


echo -n "    I press the button to play music? (Y·n)_ "; read respuesta
case "$respuesta" in
[yY]) qmmp  /music/study/;;
[nN]) echo "     Bye!!";exit 0;;
*) echo "     Are you smoked? ";;

exit 0



My live ISO image, the configuration seems familiar somehow but I just can’t place it… :thinking:

EDIT: download link:



Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick , looks familiar !


A bit of a preview on what I am doing right now. I am writing calendar application. I am fixing some stuff right now. Have a huge list of stuff to do, that is what I will be doing if I don’t know what do do and also probably when I do know something… :slight_smile: Disclaimer: That is arch on my desktop running KDE Plasma.