February 2019 Screenshot Thread



@packrat and @sevenday4 I’m travelling today. I’ll provide everything tomorrow.

@sevenday4 any dots in particular?


For this @philT, if possible of course. Stay safe on your trip.


It seems I’m out of practice.

$ atari800 -xe



Haha! I have absolutely no idea on what to do. I’ve unearthed an archive with hundreds of old games and I’m looking for inspiration. :slight_smile:


Very nice, very reminiscent of a brontosaurusrex (BL user) setup. I l ikey.

@philT, I wouldn’t care if it was a 100 scrots a day as long as they all looked as good as these ones have.

@s7l, nice scrot. A lovely landscape there.


Thank you.


Think i will settle on this theme for i3, i use a random wallpaper mode with feh so its always changing but this solid background just to show off the theme.


How did you get the workspaces to show as circles? Using a 3rd-party i3 bar?


Working on your “ho”? You start a side business?


I just used some fancy symbols from here: https://coolsymbol.com/

and below is the color scheme, so it sort of fakes it into the bar with the right colors.

bar {
	font pango:Source Code Pro:regular:10
	status_command $HOME/bin/conky-i3bar.sh
	position top
	mode dock
	modifier None
	separator_symbol "Ξ"
	strip_workspace_numbers yes
	tray_padding 0
	colors {
			background #333333
			statusline #B7E0E2
			separator #1793D1
			focused_workspace  #333333 #333333 #1793D1
        	active_workspace   #333333 #333333 #B7E0E2
      		inactive_workspace #333333 #333333 $FFFFFF
        	urgent_workspace   #000000 #000000 #FFFFFF


:laughing: The gif wouldn’t let me put in all the leters. That was to be ‘honey-do-list’. My wife would kill me if I had a ‘side business’ in dealing with the ladies of the night. And that would be an understatement! Why, do you ask @PackRat,you interested?:laughing:


The Dark Mystery solved! :rofl:


Back to green and black


I’ve reduced the packages on the pc and updated


@PackRat here you go mate.

@sevenday4 - mate Ive tried uploading this to a gitlab repo, but for the life of me I cant get it to work - every, single step returns an error, but I’ll get these dots to you some how.


@Negata can i ask what those top lines where a bar might go be, Is the i3 bar hiding and you have those as indicators? Or some other bar maybe?





Wallpaper by negata


Nicee @philT @PackRat


Trying out @Negata s wall. Fits perfectly! Thank you again.