February 2019 Screenshot Thread



Wow! And I thought that Decembers thread was HUGE, January was that bit more buys. Again, it reminds me of the Ubuntu forum Screenshot thread when the forum was at its peak.

Keep up the great work everyone.

As usual:

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January 2019 Screenshot Thread
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Wow, Feb already ! Going fast.!

Here s one of my BL Dev/ DebianTesting install . same shot beside updates/upgrades.


Finally got ncmpcpp to play nice.
New window border theme. Same GTK.

That’s it.


Nice shot in there @philT


Thanks @altman!


First time actually installing Arch. I like the way it turned out. Still used a lot of Matt’s dotfiles in making it. My polybar: https://gitlab.com/Tyr-El/polybar


xmonad with polybar and jgmenu -




Nicee @PackRat


I saw that in January 2018 there were 32 replies, and a year later the number has gone up a bit. Congratulations!!


The first of February, without many changes. A little darker, and also with the @subjunkie’s wallpaper


Yeah, we had only just opened the forum at that point but it doesn’t take away from how much the place has grown.


Now I have two computers with ArchLabs, this month I will share some screenshots more than usual. I will try not to tire your head :see_no_evil:


You know we won’t mind at all!!


Spam it whatever you want ! lol


I repost mine, now I have to know how to polybar


Something different, my Gnome Shell desktop. I upgraded my graphics card to Radeon RX 460 mainly for this and hevc decode support, money well spent. Looking forward to “major speed boost in performance” in Gnome 3.32. Saw this conky design from 2014 that looks way ahead of its time. Fixed some errors, changed font, added fan speed monitoring.

Original conky here
Anyone interested in my conky edit, here


Work in progress. Got to tidy up the conky and other odds and ends.


Nicee @k43r17h @m00n @sevenday4


Nice one! Nautilus looks really good there.

@k43r17h and @sevenday4, nice stuff there as well.