Failed to start session


I’ve just tried 2019.01.02. I saw a lot of great changes, and don’t have a black screen every other screen. But, when I rebooted, all I get is a black screen and have difficulty getting tty1 up to try and get to the log in screen. Am I missing something?


Not too sure, can you get to a terminal at any point?

The only thing that comes to mind which could be holding X back from starting would be configuration files in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.

Can also just check the logs to see what’s going on cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log or similar.


Why reinstall? Why not just repair the boot loader from an USB stick with plain arch on it?


For which post are you speaking of? The original reason for the re-install was that there wasn’t even a partition on my SSD after re-installing windows (which unfortunately, I have to have for work). The whole partition was undefined.


I’m assuming that this is tty1. And no response to keyboard.


Okay, I went to fallback on grub, and everything is working. I’m totally mystified.


The Linux s mysteries, sometimes their s nothing to understand.


Why did Windows need to be reinstalled in the first place?

What’s the configuration of this dual boot, single hard drive?


OK. Sorry. My mistake.


I have two HDDs at 2TB each and a 1TB SSD which is where AL resides. Windows was reinstalled from a backup. Which also reinstalled Linux Mint as well when I used Acronis. Windows was too corrupted from an update and therefore trashed it. If I didn’t need Windows, it would not be on my machine. Next time, hopefully there won’t be, I’m going to unplug the SSD before doing a Windows recovery.


That’s okay, usually I would use tty or a live USB to work from. But in this case, AL was wiped and the partitions deleted.


So you selected the wrong partition when using the Windows installer?

I’ve installed Windows after Arch a few times and it always left the non-targeted partitions alone (but it did nuke the bootloader).


Not necessarily. I dual boot and I’ve had Windows take all available hard drive space even though I went through the custom install. Some sites actually recommend the user disconnect the hard drive for/with Linux when installing Windows on a dual boot setup.


No, apparently when backing up the computer I have forgotten that at time I didn’t have the SSD. So, the rest was history. I will next time unhook the SSD or if I backup the whole computer so that this will not happen again. When installing any OS, I tripple check the partitions I’m using and unhook all other drives.


Seems like a driver/gpu issue to me, what gpu?

If it’s a newer Nvidia (900 series or later) then you probably need to disable mode setting or something for nouveau, see here and make sure to check the troubleshooting section.

Regardless, it’s completely broken and without something more to go off I can’t offer anything helpful.


My gpu is an older model. But, I was able to get to the desktop and lightdm is working. The driver has been updating regularly. Journalctl isn’t showing anything to give a clue as to why one moment there’s a black screen then the next no issue with the screen. The nvidia-340xx has updated everytime the kernel updated. All I can do is shrug my shoulders and scratching my head.