Failed to start session

I’m stumped. I had to re-install AL because it got wiped out when windows had to be re-installed. Anyway, I finally got lightdm to finally come up. But, when I entered my password, I get a ‘failed to start session’ error. I tried looking up solution, even in the dreaded Arch forum, and I couldn’t find a solution. I’m wondering if perhaps the DE/WM got hosed. Any ideas?

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That sux mate, do you have lightdm-gtk3-greeter installed also ! On OpenBox , I3 .

Wonder if you re on XFCE also.

Also, what video card do you have, might have to do with it.

If you stop the lightdm service, can you log in and start an X-session from the console?

You cant try:

whereis <name of window manager>

in the console to see if the binary exists.

Which window manager?

I’m using lightdm-gtk with openbox. Also, have gnome as secondary manager. Doing Whereis openbox just shows ‘openbox:’ as output. Same result with gnome.
This is why I’m thinking that both DM/WMs are either hosed, or for some reason, was never installed. I’m able to get tty2 but not tty1. This is the third time today I tried to install AL. With the same results.

Might be a corrupt iso . Was that one that you installed AL with in the past !

That sux, 3rd attempt.

I have tried it with and without Nvidia drivers. I’m also using the same iso as the last time I had installed AL. My bet is that the DM/WMs for some reason didn’t install on my SSD.

Must have to do with M$ again, too bad that you had to reinstall AL.

Wonder why it didn t installed DM/WM this time around. Bet that you choose them at install time.

The binaries are there; maybe openbox-session didn’t install. I think gnome has a simialr gnome-session script. Those are the files called to start the respective session.

You can try starting just openbox or gnome; either from the console or creating a *.desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions.

Some gnome &/or openbox dependencies also might not have been installed somehow.

Did gdm install with gnome? Maybe stop (uninstall) lightdm and try gdm.

I got it guys! I reinstalled openbox and gnome. Then installed ob-autostart and obapps. That was certainly the strangest occurrence I ever ran into. But how that happened… :thinking::roll_eyes:

Is it working now @sevenday4

Edit: Still with LightDM !

Now I have to reinstall tint2, polybar, and everything else. Oh brother!!

Gee, not an easy ride right @sevenday4 !

Anyone know where I can get AL’s apps? the AL wall comes up, but everything else is gone.

I’ll try your idea later incase I can’t get AL setup on this new WM/DM. What a crazy ride!

Well, I tried to just install AL with openbox and just goes into tty1. I don’t know what to do except use another iso…

You using the most recent iso (christmas)?

I’m re-downloading the iso. I’m thinking that the iso I had isn’t working correctly. But, I think the iso I was using was 2019, but don’t know the version. If my plan works, then good, if not…