F2FS during install?


Is there a way to sneak in F2FS rather than default ext4 during setup?

Or should I format the drive first and use the already formatted F2FS partition?

During the mount process, while selecting the root partition you should be given the option for which FS to use. If not I can look into it but for the auto partition we only use ext4 for root and vfat for boot.

ext4 The evolution of the most used Linux file system, successor to Ext3
ext3 Third extended file system, successor to Ext2
ext2 Second extended file system, unlike 3/4 it is not journaled and obsolete
vfat File allocation table, a legacy file system which is simple and robust
btrfs A modern copy on write file system with advanced features, fault tolerance, repair, and easy administration
ntfs NT file system, a journaling file system created by Microsoft
f2fs Flash-friendly file system, intended for NAND-based flash memory
jfs Journaled file system created by IBM and open-sourced in 1999
xfs Journaled file system created by Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI)
nilfs2 A log-structured file system implementation for the Linux kernel
reiserfs Journaled file system created by a team at Namesys led by Hans Reiser