External HDD's not shutting down when turning PC off

Is anyone else experiencing this? I have four seagate externals, 2x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0.

Only one of the USB2.0 drives will shutdown. The oldest one. The remaining three keep humming away when the PC is off.

I have an old laptop that runs Pop OS and the drives when plugged into that shutdown as they should. Google has not brought me any results.

Coincidentally none of these drives can be tested with SMART via Google Disks as well.

Any ideas?

The more I look into this the more I think it could be a BIOS setting, but there is nothing obvious. Fast boot is disabled and I can’t see any other settings that may relate.

It s weird, looks like they re getting power from the pc even when shutdown.

Bet that it would be unadvised to remove them from power.

Edit; No external power cables on these right !

They do have power packs but I have no way to physically turn them off at the wall as my socket outlets don’t have switches. I’d prefer not to have to do that.

Looking into the BIOS settings as a solution.

Yep, not advised to remove plugs from sockets when on power unless it s required.

Hope it can be stopped in bios.


It is a setting in my BIOS, called erp. I had disabled it, now it is enabled everything shuts down as it should.

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That was quick @Dobbie03 .

Glad that you fixed it !

Oh no it wasn’t, I’d already spent an hour on it before I worked out it could be the BIOS.

Loads of work for some small issues, weird sometimes right !

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