External Hard Drive Advice

Hi guys, I am considering getting an external 4 - tetrabyte External Hard Drive for my Desktop to use for document & media storage. At present I am looking at Western Digital .
Preferably something I can plug & play without any unneccesary formatting
Any advice on this?

p.s. I’ve had bad experiences with Seagate before so that’s out.

I have a 1-TB Sony for almost 3 years and a 2-TB WD for just over a year. Both have played nice to me so I can’t decide between the two. So maybe you could choose from which has better savings!

in my experience, all disks are awesome. And crap.
It’s mostly a matter of ‘lucking out’: you might have bad luck and get a disk from a ‘bad batch’, or just that one that has issues. On the other hand: the opposite can also happen, and you get that one perfect disk that exectly fits your needs and lasts (nearly) forever.

So, advise-wise, I can’t really say which solution is best.

Thanks guys,
@ pitje
I know what you mean about " lucking out " .
I have used WD before and I had one that was ace and one that was rubbish.
The good one was black and the bad one was green, and I found out a little too late that the green ones were generally faulty.I’ll look around a little more.
@ pangolin
Sony is good if a little pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.
I haven’t tried Toshiba but they seem reasonably priced.
Anyway, thanks for the input , I’ll let you know how I get on.

Decided to go with Western Digital elements 4Tetrabyte .

Same. I also have a hybrid from Seagate that I have installed around eight years ago with no issues. They’re both 2TB each.

Good thing to know @sevenday4

Guess that one can t go wrong with either WD or Seagate drives.