Extending laptop screen to HDMI

Hey everyone -

Can someone point me to information on how, when I connect my HDMI monitor to my laptop, it will get auto detected and then extend (not duplicate) the screen from the laptop.

So basically, laptop screen is primary and extend the screen to the secondary monitor.
I hope I’m articulating this correctly. No coffee or energy drink today, Gaaaah!!!


You try ARandR?

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Actually - yes! I am also looking into mons from the Arch AUR.
Scripting as we speak. I’ll also need to research how to get polybar to show up too.

But so far, I am at least getting farther than before - so than you!!!

Can you offer info for the polybar issue I’m seeing (surrently not visible on either monitor when HDMI is jacked in.

Thank you!!!

EDIT: Oh! Autorandr. This looks promising!

That one I’m not sure on, but there are plenty of guys here running dual displays…an answer will come.

@Chris I have multiple monitors on my desktop and run a separate bar on each. There’s different ways of doing this but I find it most convenient to have both a separate config and master.conf for each, both then draw from a common modules.conf.

Your monitors must be called from each config (I believe it’s line 17 & 18).

My config1

; Use $ xrandr -q | grep " connected" | cut -d ’ ’ -f1
monitor = HDMI-1

My config2

; Use $ xrandr -q | grep " connected" | cut -d ’ ’ -f1
monitor = HDMI-2

You get the idea, hope it helps :slight_smile:

Indeed! it does. Thank you!
So what I have opted for was collect the sessions using autoxrandr (save the profiles with and without HDMI connect)
and found this on the Arch forum.

Worked out pretty well for now. I’ll probably see what other option I can dig up and kind pick where I want to be.

Now - I’ll mark this solved but now need to work out the sound to auto select between laptop or HDMI tv :slight_smile:

Thanks all - this was pretty painless!!!

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