Eww bar

Thanks for your support with dk & eww much appreciated.

Always nice to see members supporting and not here just to look good.

@anon99136783 yeah I’d like to write modules for open box and fvwm.

@KoO cool buddy. Enjoy!


Yea this config doesn’t look very wm specific. Just need wmctrl and a semi-compliant wm for the workspaces.

Cool setup though, eww config looks like a good bit of fun.

dkcmd status FTW!

I do think wmctrl albeit old as can be could be a good layer for open box and fvwm🤎.

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Well you’d be happy to know I’ve converted from sudo to doas

Edit: I really need your nvim setup now as I’ve switched from regular vim.

Thanks. That’ll keep me busy :slight_smile:

Vim config in Lua still looks so strange to me

Thanks for the config… but I reverted back to vim and xfce4-terminal from kitty and neovim. I just like the default config better with only 16 colors turned on.

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You can use :set notermguicolors to use old school standard 256 color. Personally I prefer neovim for its same defaults and obviously st. My config is a bit large and lots of tweaks which isn’t the best for others but I’ve built it up over years.

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Elkowar tagged version 0.3 recently. I need to update my stable package build.


I just removed my stable eww PKGBUILD out of my bitbucket dk-eww repo and it’s now in the AUR.

baph -i eww

should do it now for archlabers’

@Dobbie03 just tagging you if you’re looking for it.


Thanks mate, I have dk relatively setup for now so will check it out when I get a moment.

@Dobbie03 I tore that config a new one today. Got rid of all the shell scripts for modules and reimplemented them in eww.yuck script, except for the dk.sh workspace module.

I basically just need to clean up eww.yuck and eww.scss at this point.



Big step up. Even nicer than before. Good work.

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The battery icon doesn’t tic down every 20 percent, only when it gets to 30 percent or so but I’d say it’s a way more clean approach. There’s some stuff I can do to the battery widget/module eventually that will actually be better though maybe an animation and some css stuff. The previous battery.sh module didn’t do anything other than change the icon and then do a notify-send. Everything else is a 1:1 rewrite in yuck script.

My favorite was doing the calendar toggleing with yuck script instead of a shell script creating a lock file in your home directory. Now it’s all in memory within eww.

The calendar is a nice touch.

I don’t use the battery so I have removed that :smiley: It’s all looking very good though.

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I updated my eww PKGBUILD as well as the config for version 0.4.0


Just a heads up. My stable eww AUR pkgbuild won’t build anymore. This is because the eww author has it at the moment where it will only build against the nightly rust toolchain except nightly rust just removed something and causes his 0.4.0 stable eww release to not build anymore. It’s a catch 22. There’s nothing I can do unless he updates 0.4.0 somehow with a minor release. eww-git from AUR is the only solution at the moment.

I found this out because I created a new eww debian package today that does a proper build using rustup like my aur package instead of my old hackish way for hatchery. I had to rebase it against the latest git commit to eww in order for it to build. Hatchery steelhead (bookworm) has the latest eww, riogrande (stable) has 0.4.0 before things went to shit.


Thanks for the heads up @cog.

I just backported a commit via a patch to my AUR PKGBUILD so eww stable will build again for the arch users. I also added some build parameters that elkowar (the author) recommended as they’re making some changes in the near future.