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I think I enjoy the NFL season more when teams like Dallas and San Francisco shit the bed. Because the fans go batshit lulz. I try to help 49er fans by telling them that team will always suck, because of who owns the franchise. Sure they might luck out a season here and there, but then it’s back to the shithouse lulz.

Even more fun seeing the Raiders cut two of the first round draft picks within a week too lol.

Really great story here:

Cuban should name the town “Tres Comas”:

What a wiener. Deion did the same thing in east Texas then promised all the unfortunate kids Christmas presents a while back. Then my cousin who is much better off than I stepped in and his company fulfilled all the presents to the children.

Needless to say they all hate sanders now.

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Deion must had been doin’ too much fornicaton’.

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