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49ers fans are apoplectic after Sunday Night Football. If they would had listened to me (instead of trying to ban me on certain forums lulz), they would realize it’s been more Zombie seasons than post seasons with Jed York and Parag Marathe running the franchise. To hell with those fans, NFL fans reward failure more than success. Look at Dolphin, Lions, Jaguar, Jets and Bears fans. At least Cardinal fans who were used to teh suck finally are getting over the Bidwill curse:

I hear the All Blacks had a bit of an easy game against the USA over the weekend 114 - 15 or something.

I don’t watch soccer, but even I recognize that USA Men’s soccer is like oof.

I think you mean Football here. :smiley:

This was Rugby. The All Blacks are our national Rugby team. They go with most seasons undefeated but every once in a while they lose a game.

Fiji won the gold medal in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. What a surprise. :smiley:

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That would have been the Rugby 7’s, a seven a side version of the standard 15 per team.

Fiji are exceptionally good at the 7’s. There was a time when NZ was but no more. Either way, the standard version of Rugby is all we really care about. :rugby_football:

So Rugby 15’s is not an offical game in Olympics?

No I don’t think so. Not sure why.

I got into a bog to do with my Irish buddies watching an NFL game at a bar in San Francisco. They asked me why Americans aren’t into their style of football (they are, but just in recreation leagues lulz) as opposed to the NFL, baseball, etc.

I just gave them a hard and honest truth: the best athletes in America, don’t play soccer.

They still don’t understand it.

LOL, I will say there is nothing quite like watching a good game of footy, be it football or rugby (we also call rugby “footy”).

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The guys that make the NFL who come from footy: place kickers and punters lulz. The ones who kick the ball.

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They wanted to break a soccer game to insert commercial ads, you know that can not work. :grinning:


Yeah but now with 16:9 aspect ratios and HD, they can sort of two box an ad while in game, plus all the ad bugs (logos in the corners) and chyron crawls.

LOL, then I would like to put ublock origin on my TV

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They superimpose a company logo on the pitchers mound digitally, you’ll see it throughout the World Series. Plus all the ad promos layered in the screen. Not to mention all the advertising in the ball parks.

Didn’t watch any baseball games this season. In fact, I haven only watched a few games since COVID19 started here in 2020. Used to go to the ball park every year.

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Albies from the Braves stole second base. Joe Buck just announced free tacos from Taco Bell because of a base stealing promo lulz.

It’s all about advertising.

I’d rather watch Premier League games. lol


Not quite as epic as Tiger Woods winning the US Open playing an extra 19 holes on a broken leg battling Rocco Mediate in 2008, but this is crazy on it’s own:

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