Getting prepped to check this awesome looking wm on a fresh Void linux base [20181111] install…wish me luck :wink:

67 SLOC :sunglasses:



So far so good @mrneilypops !


have you tried the wm?
please give me 24/48 hours for feedback…bed time here :sleeping_bed:


Nop , too hard for me ! lol

Yep , sleep s important too !


How did it run Neil?


Not quite got to playing yet…



Installed on Void linux…a work in progress me thinks…quite enjoyable… :wink:


Nice little tweaks here & there.


Looks great, easy to set up and configure?



Off to a good start.
At the moment the binary is compiled within the EveningWM directory so just remember to set the start command in ~/.xinitrc to the path to the EveningWM binary.

The main problems I found so far with EveningWM;

  1. Windows and terminals require focus before a keyboard input is recognised-dev working on this.
  2. EveningWM is unable to ignore bars, docks at this time - TBD I believe.


One of these days I’ll check it out.