Error efi

first apologize for my english, I have Manjaro installed on my laptop, it is an HP that has a burnt Nvidia video card but with Manjaro I have no problems, when trying to install archlabs it throws me an efi error (7). What will be the Issue? I leave image of the error. Thanks and regards

Looks like a rEFInd issue.

When do you see this error?

Can you load the image at all?

when I try to install, it doesn’t let me do anything, I put the DVD booting and the error comes out, thanks for responding

Have you checked the image for its integrity ! Might be that or not.

Happened before it s why I wrote it there. Might not be the case here.

Thank you for answering, I will buy DVDs to do the test, download the ISO again and I don’t have a flash drive, thanks

Ok thx for the reply.

You could not install the grub or whatever you re using.

It is not the grub, then I will burn another ISO to rule out the copy or another problem, thanks again

Oh, hopefully it will be resolved !