Error during installation

Hello! I’ve tried to install archlabs but got the following long pacman error message (sorry for the images quality)

Then I retyped the pacman command and some packages are missing:

  • archlabs-skel-i3
  • qt5-styleplugins
  • xorg-font-utils
  • bash-completionxorg-xinit
    Hope it will be fixed in future releases

You will need to update the installer before trying to install.

update installer first

I just did 2 installs with the ArchLabs iso and that method Nate outlined using the curl command. Chose the pacstrap method and both were flawless.


Good call @PackRat

Thanks a lot


Any idea when running the latest version of the installer I can install, but whenever I launch a terminal I can type commands but when I hit enter nothing works. Any chance a newer beta is coming?