Error: archlabs.db download from github failed, resolving timed out

Try to use your ISP’s default router, or,

You could also bypass the router for those sites by putting them in /etc/hosts.

and make sure dns resolution uses file first.

$ cat /etc/nsswitch.conf

Name Service Switch configuration file.

See nsswitch.conf(5) for details.

passwd: files
group: files
shadow: files

publickey: files

hosts: files dns myhostname
networks: files

protocols: files
services: files
ethers: files
rpc: files


Sorry, Not sure how this ended up in this thread. Must have clicked on the wrong thread and didn’t notice.

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This has worked. Install went without issue. Thank you for your help.

I do apologize for my complaint. I never thought that my network setup with DNS could have been an issue in reaching the ArchLabs repos. I’m not sure why that was a factor. I do find it very caring of you that you took the time to look at this and consider trying to help me by lending me a test image. That’s rare for any distro, even moreso that you’re the primary maintainer and Admin. I am grateful. Thank you! I wish you the very best and thank you for creating ArchLabs.


No worries @dayan, we’ve all been down that road before. Happy you are here, stay the ride, and keep contributing!