Epic Number of Updates

Anyone else turn on their pc to find 152 updates? I did!


Sounds about right.
Update went perfect, there was fair bit for Xfce4 as well. :grin:

The most I have seen was 56 at one time. But, 152 seems like installing a whole new distro. :open_mouth:

65 here.

What I liked was the total update size was 0.46Mb. Was downloaded and updated in less than 5 mins. Imagine that on a Windows install!

Mine was 235 Mib.
Had 2 kernels to update totalling over 140 Mib.
Can’t imagine doing that on a Windows install.

I booted my Arch box at the weekend for the first time in over month and it had to download over a gigabyte and installed ~3GiB, still went through and rebooted just fine though :sunglasses:

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138 + 40 yesterday. :smiley:

I think there is a heap of package refresh going on.

Yesterday 90 updates

lol, days ! @Dobbie03

Six years later…screen says, updating, please don’t turn off computer… :joy:

lol, pretty much it.

Yep, just got notice that 151 files are being updated today.

That’s what I am thinking mixed in with some actual changes.

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105 for myself, a lot of library, font, and the new kernel

I think I got like 140+

The old fart must have a real bad life, only 90 updates on my end ! lol