Enlighten me, please, what is the point of Tmux?

I came across this article this evening, and it got me thinking. How is Tmux useful? What is the point of Tmux? Especially to users of a tiling wm?

Can any Tmux users please explain how or why they use it? Personally, I really don’t see the need, especially in a twm. I’m pretty sure I may be missing something but then again, maybe I’m not?

I can’t answer your question.

Yesterday I installed this zsh-human on [beryllium].

I’ve always wanted to try zsh, but was put off by its complexity.

human seemed suitable to me.

Anyway, during installation I was asked if I wanted to install human inside tmux, which I said yes to.

So, I now call zsh in the terminal and have human…

Don’t ask me if this is right. :upside_down_face:

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This here would concern me:


I’d remove that zsh for hummans and check out oh-my-zsh, at least is supported :smiley:


Tmux can do a lot of fancy things like “tiling” but the main point is to start a session. You can then detach from it and close your terminal, even log out and log back in and then re-attach to it. That’s generally the purpose of tmux/. It’s just a a way better bsd licensed version of GNU screen.


I suppose I get it if you are a dev or say writing, the starting where you left off feature is indeed a handy feature to have.

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Getting started with tmux

tmux git page/wiki

It’s mainly for developers that work with command line. People that use MatLab also like it. Run MatLab in one tmux screen, code on another.

And tmux can run on the console, so no X-session required.


You guys are way ‘above’ my paygrade. :star_struck:

Lol, glad to know that I m not alone like that !

Got ya, definitely not a tool for me then.


Not really for me either. I pretty much stopped using tmux when I started using i3 by default. Creating a container served the same purpose; I never made use of the session/detatch/attach features. And kitty terminal has multiplexing built in.

Unless you can make use of a tmux session and utilize the attach/detach features, you don’t really have a need for it.


It’s similar to screen command on Unix/Linux. Very useful if you need to do some dev work on a remote server via for example, ssh.