EndeavourOS: "Our battle will be legendary"

The quote is by Ty-Lon speaking about imminent battle with Kung Fu Panda.

Seriously though: Endeavour OS is da bomb man. It is really good. After AL, first time I am so impressed w/ a distro (and I musta tried over 10 in the interim). It is as impressive as AL to me, but with a different philo. They tout KISS as their philo, and it is refreshingly KISS. Everything is simple: ex, their native terminal in their native DE (XFCE) runs bash, not zsh. Things are as simple as can be. The native XFCE is themed (other DEs are not) but very tastefully and non-ricely done (@chris). Colors are understated. No fancy glyphs or visual effects in terminal (thank God, after the horrible InstantOS experience).

Now the AL I got had very cool configs, EOS does not seem to do that. They do have a yad-based app called “welcome” which functions as a portal of sorts and is quite nice. Again, understated and useful. Function over form. They have glances as system monitor which is very thorough. Panel is really good with just the things I need on it, and nothing I don’t.

Things are working very smooth. I am testing it out, and will stick w/ it for some time.
Honestly, there was not a single thing I did not like (except was little surprised that this name is from the space shuttle; not bad, just a little surprising).

Have not joined their forum yet, will do that, and participate. Always love to participate in a nice distro that does things well. I think the endeavour OS repo has v. few apps so you’re pretty much running pure arch.

AL and Endeavour are two top distros. I got the impression AL is more tiling WM focused (maybe not, but I guess that’s how I use it always) whereas that is not a focus of Endeavour. All good, we need both.

I have no idea what this “battle” is all about. All I have seen are “Arch Evangelists” think everyone cretinous heathens who aren’t worthy of Arch because they used an installer, and haven’t read the King James Wiki Bible chapter and verse over on Arch’s sub-Reddit.

EOS is filling the void left by Antergos (which I never have used because I didn’t know about it, and used Debian mostly anyway), a very popular distro from what I gather. I rarely if ever see a Debian evangelist preach about the purity of straight Debian over say Ubuntu, thus you are not worthy of posting on Debian forums. The Arch devs and maintainers are the reason why behind that ethos, and so be it, but it’s still Linux, they don’t own it, and if one wants to fork Arch, it’s better for Arch and Linux.

EOS has shot up the charts over at Distrowatch, for lack of a better metric, and for good reason. Like AL and BL help fill the void left by Crunchbang and that community, EOS is filling the void left by Antergos’ community. I rarely join Linux forums, but the four I have are EOS, MX, AL, and BL’s. Why? Because of community.

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I do confess to being rather bewildered by the arch forum snobs. I mean, it’s not THAT hard, is it? :slight_smile: Whats there to be so uppity about. Its almost like “unless I am mean to you and make you feel like crap, I don’t feel good about myself.” Hell, if that’s the case, you need help man :slight_smile:

And totally spot on on the debian down-to-earth ness. respect it all the way. do love.

One more thing I liked a lot about AL is that its forum does not have the “archness” to it. If it did, I woulda quit both the forum and the distro like a year back. Seriously man, its just a distro, why get all “I’m so much better than you” about it.


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I don’t care what OS people use and I don’t care what they think of ArchLabs or any other distro for that matter.

I use ArchLabs and I like it. It’s solid and reliable. It’s all that matters.

I have a tons of respect for the chaps at eOS and Archbang as well. We all communicate regularly on Telegram and share ideas and chat about life…


mksh is simpler, lighter, quicker and less buggy than bash.

EDIT: argumentative reply removed.

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I have used ArchBang (and pretty much anything that is associated with a Bang lol), and to me it’s basically an Arch installer with Openbox. Which IMO is great, I was using it to install Arch and then add AL’s repos on top of it. It’s so bare bones that you have to add a polkit authentication agent if one cares to, as well as a display manager. Between the Calamares and Zen approach to installing Arch in that respect, Archbang is IMO the better of the three. Anarchy is cool as well, but their version of Openbox is basically XFCE without the XFCE window manager, with Openbox in place of it. You still have the panels and desktop of XFCE. Anarchy’s installer is similar to AL’s, you have to update it before you go into the installation process, which I have found a very sensible approach as in you have refreshed and updated the repo’s prior to installation, therefore in theory you should have the latest packages (as far as I know, which ain’t much lol). Of course I could be wrong about that but that’s what I figure having super clean and error free installations using AL and the update process.

Fwiw [= bugger-all], my favourite routes to a nice Arch desktop for a dweeb like me:

  1. Archfi+Archdi
  2. ArchLabs
  3. EOS
  4. Anarchy
  5. ArcoLinux
  6. Zen-Installer
  7. TAW.



??? Is that the ArcoLinux B or D project?

Haven’t done the Archfi+Archdi thing either. I am good with what I got however. AL or AB is fine with me.

Edit to add: EOS as well. Anarchy comes in 4th in my rankings lol.

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OMZ i am a dummy, have now corrected my typo sorry … of course it should have been ArcoLinux not my stupid ArcoLabs :woman_facepalming:t2:

Checked my VM’s notes:

10/2/20: Created today from “arcolinuxb-plasma-v20.1.4.iso”. Set VB to EFI-mode, then created GPT with 512 MiB /boot/efi, 22 GiB /, & 5.5 GiB LUKS-home manual partitions. This “B”-type ISO from the unintuitive complex website did let me make some basic package choices during installation like kernels, but disappointingly did not let me granularly select/reject individual app packages like Archfi does. That said, this distro is comparatively unique [along with Archfi] in providing a successful LUKS-home capability during installation… which worked.

So it was the B ISO i used.

Note that back then, only Archfi & ArcoLinux ISO Installers succeeded for me in creating the ootb LUKS-/home partition. At that time both EOS & ArchLabs installers couldn’t/didn’t work for me in that essential objective. Months later with improved ISOs & installers, i was delighted to discover that now both EOS & ArLa happily let me do it… at which point they jumped upwards in my preference list. Archfi still reigns however due to its fab package granularity.

Really i’d like to be able to rate ArcoLinux above Anarchy, but for reasons i have never solved, compared to all my other Archies that VM consistently runs like a broken-legged wombat in a tub of treacle… at 42 Kelvin. It’s so sluggish it might as well be Ubuntu :crazy_face:

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You could almost consider the name ‘Arcolabs’ an insult here…

Anarchy is a far superior product. I put Endeavour and AL in the same basket as far as approach goes. We keep it simple and that is the best way.

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Yeah i’m sorry, & shan’t come back out of the Naughty Corner for another 42 minutes.

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I should think so!! Nah it’s all okay, I don’t care I was being a bitch.

I used to use that distro a long while back, but the main ISO, or the Xtended. I never tried the B ISO, mainly because I grew tired of “that distro” and it’s excessive bloat. I mean it has 9 keybindings alone for Variety, a wallpaper application. Which was one of a few wallpaper applications that came with either ISO. That many keybindings for an app I uninstall at the beginning is just plain whack, it doesn’t seem like a serious Linux ISO, all his tutorials are all about customizing that distro, and for heaven’s sake, Sardi icons up the wazoo. It’s like McDonald’s french fries drowning in mayonnaise.

It’s a great distro for those who don’t want to fuss with Linux, but you wind up fussing with all that bloat. I suppose the B ISO would be a better way to shrink all his config’s, but there is IMO a better way to skin that cat, and I’d rather install Arch the “Arch Way”, than run Arch “His Way”.

Anarchy I like, but again, I have AL and ArchBang to use, and not having to edit that much pre-configuration I am more comfortable with, as I don’t have the time to deconstruct distro’s to where I like them.

Yeah I dunno if there is a story behind that, I have seen the name masked a bit here when I typed it, and I seen how “he” had tutorials regarding AL.

You use Dobbie Linux OS I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

There could be but it’s all in the past.

Ha! You fell for my latest trick! I have been using ArchLabs this entire time and I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you damned nosey kids!

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lol, nice one @Dobbie03



Whatever i say bellow remember that, in the end: a terminal is a terminal, is a terminal, is a terminal. :speak_no_evil:

Man don’t get me wrong, I do love the Arch way and it’s simplicity, but grew damn tired of wasting precious time (which i didn’t have anymore) for every new encrypted install on my machines and VMs.

So to discover Archlabs was like a breath of fresh air in my personal case, together with the minimalist, polished dark set of window managers on it, frugal/sane defaults and, above all, just ready to go! :metal: What could I ask more?

And I’ve tried them all, archfi, archdi (which are good), EOS, Arcobloat, Manjaro*, Anarchy etc… But sincerely, in my view, they either lack a bit of careful thought and focus behind the project, or, soon or late try to please too many people at the same time, loose their authenticity and get lost.

So I think AL has just found a sweet spot and, on top of that, also has a very cool, friendly and neutral community.

And in the end, remember: a terminal is a terminal, is a terminal… So comparisons doesn’t get any job done, only choose the right tool for each job does ;))

BTW, welcome to the club @vinay!


What is funny is that I came back to Linux after a long hiatus, I tried Manjaro. But I didn’t know much about Arch if at all (my last distro I used before that hiatus was Crunchbang). I ran it for a couple of months without even activating the AUR lulz. Without the AUR, it along with Arch is just like any other distro, even lesser than Debian since Debian has a huge package base. Manjaro has become the new Ubuntu in a way, too big to fail. I have grown accustomed to the minimalism of AL, BL, AB, etc, because of again, Crunchbang. I don’t need a distro with Pamac Manager, a buggy package manager that breaks packages.

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