Encrypt Root Partition


I’m trying to encrypt my root partition (and maybe boot partition as well) and was wondering if there exists a guide.

I already have ArchLabs installed so it would be even better if I could do it post-install without reinstalling.

I’d appreciate any input, as I’m completely new to encryption.


Hi Jona and welcome!

Maybe this link (wiki)will help you. It contains several possible encryption scenarios


Unfortunately you will have to format the device (reinstall or clone would be needed).

The installer can handle LUKS on LVM or vise-versa as well as all the standard filesystems including btrfs.

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Thank you for your reply. I wouldn’t really mind reinstalling. How would I go about getting my old stuff back? Is there a simple way to copy everything (and what files must not be copied)?

Thanks for the help!

Depends on what you have modified and whether you want to preserve it. Most everything will be in you home directory so backing that up should be all you need.