Enabling a DM in a installation which had no DM installed at the time of installing the OS

When i installed my Archlabs i did’t installed any DM. I had autologin enabled. Now i have installed SDDM and enabled it in systemd.
I have commented out ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --autologin arafat --noclear %I $TERM from /etc/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service.d/autologin.conf and now i get a shell for inserting my username and password but no SDDM.What should i do to get SDDM at login?


# override directory for the default getty service, remove it
rm -rf /etc/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service.d

# move all the shell autologin files to a backup
# you only need to do this for your shell file
# the others might not exist and don't matter
mv ~/.zprofile ~/.zprofile.bak
mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile.bak
mv ~/.profile ~/.profile.bak

# *** make sure graphical.target is the default ***
systemctl set-default graphical.target


# ... profit?

As a side note, most DMs source ~/.xprofile, I’m not sure if sddm does or not.

If not, you’ll want to move the startup commands in that file to somewhere they will be executed (depends on which WM/DE you’re using)

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Did the trick.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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