Enable High Quality Sound

I came across this article and tried it out. Seems to be working like the article said.

The album I am playing now doesn’t seem as muddy as before.


nice article, i will test some update and give you the result comparaison.
At this time i use only flac file but may be with this configuration it will be better to listening.


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It might be wishful thinking on my part but every thing sounds clearer and a little more crisp.

cant notice much difference, dont forget to set flat-volumes = no to avoid hearing loss like people in the article’s comments complaining unknowingly

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a good article about this with some explanation here
Archlinux Sound

I have a changed for movies under vlc, really great.
With audacious, nothing or my hear with age, decline :wink:
Many thanks to share your article

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To be honest: I hear no special difference. Even though I used to have 2 channels turned on, instead of 3.

Good call, mine was already set at ‘no’

I am listening to a clarinet concerto and it is much clearer than before so I must admit that it works!
Thanks alot for this!


Yeah the more I listen the more I notice. It is definitely an improvement.

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may be it is possible to put by default this audio configuration in archlabs ?


Hmmm it could be a possibility… @natemaia what do you think?

Alright, finally it seems to make a difference.

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