Email Host

I just swapped over to FastMail today, just economising and I was getting a little shitted off with the signing in all the time with ProtonMail.

If you guys are interested, clicking this link gets you and me a discount :smiley:

EDIT: I realised this may have appeared as me trying to take advantage of others signing up to benefit myself. This isn’t the case, I am just sharing a cool service with everyone. Doesn’t worry me if no one takes it up :smiley:


Looks interesting, yep it s that part that you stated that bugs me out about ProtonMail, but real good nonetheless.

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I do not understand your issue with protonmail. The paid version has bridge and Thunderbird support and for webmail you have to login with any provider…?
And, if I read Dobbie’s post correctly, FastMail also costs money?

I have no issue with ProtonMail. Like I say I was economising. I’d rather pay for an email service than rely on gmail.

Oh so you mean the amount of money and /or refreshing your subscription rather than ‘signing in’ as a user? I misunderstood then, apologies.

Yeah it was due to me saving a bit of cash each month. The double signing in was a pain, I won’t deny that.

I understand. The double signing in could have been disabled, though. I think since around a year or so, there is an option in the settings to enable 1-pw-login.