Email clients

I have been a faithful user of T-Bird for some time now (both Windows and Linux) and I have been thinking that maybe its time to look into a new client.

That being said, the question I have could be a 2 parter.

1a. What email client are you using.
1b. If you needed to go to Windows, does your current Linux mail client have a windows port.

While 1b is not entirely required (as I cant imagine the need to actually have a Windows system) I am really interested what folks are using and that might sway me to go with something new.

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For years just Gmail on all devices.


I use Thunderbird with ProtonMail bridge under Linux. Nothing new for you, I guess, so I won’t go into details.


Quick, kill it with fire before it lays eggs!


I was with Protonmail but I moved to Fastmail. I don’t use a desktop client.

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Well, at work I often need an email I received years ago, and I have almost all of them in Gmail since 2005. I change my desktop every 2-3 years and can’t imagine copying all that stuff from one machine to another. Also - I mentioned many times on this forum, that I’m not one of the “security conscious people”.


I use protonmail web client… I have used their bridge with Thunderbird, but really see no use for a desktop client.


Evolution works well for me. I have my wife’s and my email accounts on it and it does everything I want it to do, especially, cleaning my boxes a lot easier.

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Just using Thunderbird all the time. It just works ™. Tried Kmail once one a very low end system, on that core two duo it was too heavy, but if your system is a bit better, which it probably is, it might be worth a try. Quick note: Kmail downloads all mails onto your computer. That might take some time. It looks like, there is no windoze support now anymore.

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At last!! This looks like good news, given that Im a new protonmail fanboy!

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I use Protonmail but I can’t be bothered with a email client for the desktop.

Yeah, I’m kind of with you but I had TB set up beautifully a few months back and I kind of miss it. In saying that, protonmail is working well for me.

It just got annoying and as I actually do absolutely fuck all that requires email on my home computer I don’t bother :smiley: I just visit the individual sites.

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