Elinks configuration?

Good Day Folks,

I was wondering if we have any Elinks gurus here?
I want to know how one would go about creating a custom CSS stylesheet? I am trying to remove prelinks from a website when I load it (see images below). There are so many links that I have to scroll down a few pages before I can get to the reading bit.
Any ideas?

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I dont think you can use anything like CSS with a text only based web browser, your best bet would be to get familiar with the commands within elinks.


@s7l - elinks has some support for css according to ArchWiki - no examples though.

@anon39737049 - did you try “o” (lower case o) while running elinks? That brings up a configuration menu. If not css, maybe use lua or guile (according to elinks site) - elinks documentation


@PackRat so it does, my skim reading is bad of late :face_with_monocle:

Ive tried searching for css for elinks but not had any luck so far, surely there is an example file somewhere.

I tried that too, same result. Makes me suspect that any elinks support for css is useless.

I have played with the config tool of Elinks and things are better, not exactly how I want them though.haha.
No complaints though.

The thing is, I use Elinks as a reader / opening links from newsboat. This is why I would like a reader mode, or something that strips out all the links and images I am not going to follow/view.

Have you checked out some of the other text-based browsers linke lynx or w3m? Maybe there’s one that does what you’re after.

Wouldn’t surprise me if someone that uses surf or similar browser has written that extension; I can see where that would be handy. A search of the Arch forum may be worth your while.

Newsboat looks interesting. How does that work? Configure it to get the rss feed from news sites and pipe the output to elinks?

Newsboat has a URL config file, insert your rss feed url there.
You can then further configure newsboat by selecting a default browser.
When you want to open an article, you press “o”.

Here are my configs:

My config

browser         "elinks"
player          "mpv"
download-path   "~/downloads/%n"
save-path       "~/downloads"
reload-threads  20
cleanup-on-quit yes
text-width      74

color background          white   black
color listnormal          cyan   black
color listfocus           white  blue   dim
color listnormal_unread   yellow black
color listfocus_unread    yellow blue   bold
color info                white  blue   bold
color article             white   black

bind-key - quit
bind-key G end
bind-key g home
bind-key j down
bind-key k up


https://www.goal.com/feeds/en/news "~Goal.com"
https://www.barcablaugranes.com/rss/current.xml "~Barca Blaugranes"
https://www.linuxjournal.com/node/feed "~The Linux Journal"
http://www.barcelonafootballblog.com/feed/ "~Barcelona Football Blog"
https://feeds.feedburner.com/sciencealert-latestnews "~Science Alert"
https://blog.xfce.org/feed/ "~XFCE Blog"

The “~website” is the how the link is displayed in newsboat

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