Elementary OS


I only have desktop two HDD at 2TB each. I had to change out the motherboard. It used to be a Hp1036. Now it’s just a Intel machine. The only thing left of the Hp is the cabinet, display, and a couple of cables. I just divide up the HDD and use them the way I want. On one drive Widow (yes I purposely misspelled it, lol), and Ubuntu. On the second drive I have of course AL, Arch, and kali. I just have to keep Widow and AL on separate drives so that widow will not interfere with my AL install. So far, no major issues.


Totally off-topic, but I want to respond. Thanks @chris60601. I have had a similar issue with an external. In fact, I bought a seagate external years ago because it was cheaper than the naked drive inside. I just wanted the drive to add to a really nice dual bay I purchased from OWC for video editing. For whatever reason it always gave me issues. The drive would spin down or sleep even when the second one in the same enclosure was fine. It was weird.

Back on topic, Elementary seems very, trendy. I don’t mean to offend or sound harsh. I think I’m just not used to this age of marketing. For example, how many new linux versions drop each week? Elementary clearly has some promotion game, getting people to install it right away and post reviews.

I might take a look, but as mentioned here, the MacOS sort of closed garden feel alarms the newb in me. I am moving away from Micro$oft and the cult of Mac to get away from that sort of thing. I was also scared of Solus for the same reason.