Elementary OS


I only watched a walktrough video on Youtube, hadn’t tried the live usb. It’s like watching a movie trailer where I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie. New features aside, I guess I was expecting to be instantly wowed by a refresh of their default theme and icons. Looks the same to me. I’ll wait for the final release to try it. I found more stimulation using a certain Xfce+Gala distro.


Yeah, reminds me of a comment I read at Reddit regarding how you can recognise consistency when the first release is almost exactly like the latest.


I checked out elementary’s website as well while looking for a new distro but yeah - looked pretty much set up and I wanted to work a little :slight_smile:

But one thing I thought was fantastic was one of their apps called “Transporter” (https://medium.com/elementaryos/appcenter-spotlight-transporter-7c9db2472f37?source=collection_home---4------1----------------)
Sounds so convenient!


theres just something about debian/ubuntu(other than antiX/MX) that hearing distros based on them wont interest me longer than a few minutes after installing… elementary os does looks nice, but i have seen videos 2 years ago that looked the same. after trying out i just felt like after using kde i really felt “constraint” of how little you can do with the distro as far as customizations. even installing elementary-tweaks(which ive read often breaks during updates) is not enough.


A nicely dressed distribution and I know, many people love it but as exciting as a root canal (imo).


Yeah I find it visually appealing and I install it. It lasts maybe half an hour before I get frustrated with the locked down approach and I install something else.

I had eOS installed on my Mums laptop but it was just a pain in the arse so I swapped it out for Solus and it has been nothing but solid for her.


Solus is another that’s nice but uninspiring. I suppose if I preferred to use a laptop, both would make more sense to me.


At least Solus is customisable. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I love those eOS guys and wish them all the best, I just don’t like their approach for my own use.


i liked solus too. but at that time i was using it, i was kinda new to linux so having limited apps in repo ticked me off since i dont know how to compile (i still dont know much now but its better than before :D)

I would return and test solus again once they release 4.0


I checked out the new release. Very nice looking and well put together. It lasted on the craptop approximately half an hour.


lol, not surprised.


Like I say, its really nice but just too restrictive for my personal tastes.


Yep, but would be great for a new Linux user @Dobbie03


Yes agreed, that’s why I set my Mum up on it. But we had a few issues so I moved her to Solus, other than her deciphering what the icons are she has had no issues.


Guess another good distro would be Linux Lite based on Ubuntu/XFCE, had it for a while years ago, never had issues with it.


Good call another solid one is MX Linux.

The only problem is with Linux Lite, MX etc is that they are Debian based. Arch based all the way!!


Yep, loved it also, would need loads of craptops as I m always on metal.

AS a matter of fact might get a secondhand one in a month or 2as well as buying another hard drive, I started a thread on this topic as well.


Very nice! I’m lucky enough to have two spare craptops as I always do a full install also!


Reminds me, I have a very old craptop with CrunchBang on it, sitting and unused. I should test MX on it just to play. I toyed with the idea of making it my music server since my ancient iMac died finally. However, I think I’d rather get a RPi or for that, just because of power consumption. I’m not sure what to run though, Subsonic changed their licensing and I’d prefer to support open source. I should make a new topic on that.


For the sake of the mention of Subsonic - I am currently using that on a system as a music server also.I have toyed with the use of an RPi (I have 2) and was originally going to setup a mail server or a file-server. The latter is what I ended up prepping for by getting a dual drive bay by Unitek for my 2 - sata drives both 1.5TB.

The thing that held me back on the file-server, there is a timeout (or sleep mode) on the Unitek that I can’t seem to get around. I use the Unitek now with my laptop for local storage of tared up files and that’s OK since I don’t require the drives to be “on” all the time.

But I think your idea of the RPi for a music server is perfect. And even doable for this Unitek of mine since I don’t use Subsonic for any great length of time.

So in short, you may face something similar as I did if you opt for some sort of USB drive bay. The only way around that might be SSD drives (but admittedly, I know next to nothing of them).

Just wanted to present you with some of my findings so as you might not spend money you wont need to (as I did with a few devices).