Elementary OS


True, but that was before I really started using arch based distros. I just installed Bunsenlabs, but I have to get used in the apt command instead of pacman and such. I haven’t used a Debian based distro in a long time. But I would like to see Elementary and how it works.


It’s far too locked down for my taste. If I want something Debian based, BL is my go to.


Same here, but it has to be Debian Sid.
The stable is for when I retire, (unless I manage to figure out @Glenn trick and retire before menopause comes)


And here I was hoping to get through the day without seeing the word ‘menopause’ and my name in the same sentence, maybe I’m just expecting too much outa life… Hahaha! :grin:

ot- I agree with Matt. I’d never even consider using something so cookie-cutter engineered. It’s a pretty interface, if you’re a lappy user or have a single monitor but it’s 2018, what about those of us with multiple displays, who maker forbid… Would appreciate being able to place our panels where we choose -or- even span one across multiple displays? This has been a serious irk in my fuzz for a long time with all little gnomish things. Many people have pleaded for it but the devs say it’s too much trouble. Yeah? Guess what? Xfce seems to have been pulling this off for like the last 60 years or so! :stuck_out_tongue:

-end of rant-

I’m having a hot flash


Any mood swing yet?


Only when I’m in one mood or another.


Me too, since birth :laughing:


Yeah, I don’t like being tied up to someone else’s way of doing things. Maybe I’m going to stay with AL, BL,and arch.


Do you and @Glenn need some midol? Talk about a midlife crisis! Now I am switching between moods. My poor wife!:grin::joy::rofl::joy:


I took midol after my back surgeries last year because I won’t take opiates for pain. Stuff works man, you’d be surprised.


I have to say – you are smarter than the average bear.

I’ve known so many people who got crossed-up over scripted opiates.


Actually, I did not know that. I had an episode with opiates. I have my charts that no opiates would be used nor other addictive drugs. It was horrible getting off them, and besides they only work for a short time. So then you have the pain and you’re addicted to the pain killers. It’s not worth it, but midol? I have to say that surprised me.



Yeppers, acetaminophen, caffeine and an antihistamine.

@McQ, won’t touch them at home. Hospital, different story.

Yes sir, me too. I’m a substance abuse counselor, you’re absolutely correct.


What a lot of people don’t realize is that not only opioids are addictive, depending on ones characteristics. You have mentioned three, but there are others. Such as alcohol and oxycontin. And yes, alcohol is a drug. And there are those who can not walk away from it so easily as others. Even linux could be a drug…oh, did I say that out loud?:astonished:


We’re waaaay off topic but the three compounds I mentioned are the active ingredients in Midol and you’re right @sevenday4, anything can be abused, even something as innocent as an antihistamine. Alcohol…certainly and it’s actually much worse than opiate-cain-meth abuse. The withdrawals from alcohol can kill you quicker than a bullet to the head and are heartbreaking to watch.


LOL let’s keep on topic people.

I booted up the live ISO. I like it and it is visually appealing but that is as far as it goes for me.


You can check it online here, if you can’t be bothered to download the iso.
Not sure if they have the latest one available already…


It appealed to me in the past , but not anymore, good for someone new to Linux I guess as would be Ubuntu on witch I started Linux years ago.

But some people like distros like these, Each our own I guess.


@pippo, wow never seen that site before. Cool find.


That was a good find! I guess if you’re looking for a distro, otherwise distro shopping, that’s one place to go. Good job @pippo :grin: