Elementary OS


Pretty much the nicest looking Distro out there. Nice website too.

Anyone use this?


A friend of work is running it, he is happy.


It’ll be getting an install on the craptop when Juno is out.


I will talk to him on Monday to get his experience!


I used it for some time… it’s a nice distro, pretty rock solid. They are pretty progressive in their design ideas. They are make some semi revolutionary decisions for the app store also, as far as payment goes.

Only downfall for me is they are based on an LTS, so after a year the apps start getting a little stale.


That has been my issue as well. It’s a shame they don’t have a more up to date base.


I agree. It’s one I will permanently use. It boots up and shuts down almost with the speed of Openbox, can’t say that with KDE or deepin. The UI is well-thought out, the desktop effects are interesting. I prefer elementary over Xfce. This is what Gnome should have been, I only check out Gnome shell when I see some really cool themes. Excited for Juno and hope it will also have an Arch version because I like pamac.

Bit off-topic, right now I’m having fun learning Enlightenment e22 on Arch, The compositor on this is top-notch. I have it set to max with OpenGL rendering. The desktop effects are amazing, fast and buttery-smooth. The iBar is like Cairo dock in full glx mode when the mouse pointer is hovered over it. The default e22 theme or the Eminence one is perfect, paired it with Abrus dark gtk theme and Trimix icon theme. It’s beautiful, very speedy, light on resources, tons of options and excellent hardware-accelerated composting. Some modules don’t work but it’s mostly stable, very few crash. I changed the very annoying left-click ‘Show menu’ mouse binding to right-click. Here is a screenshot I made:


I like Enlightenment, but then I don’t like it. Its a strange enviroment to work in.


I was thinking about using Elementary, but I have heard arguments that Gentoo is very good. The jury is still out.


These days I really don’t see the purpose to Gentoo unless your running a pentium4 or below. What ever performance enhancememnt you get from compiling everything to your machine is fairly insignificant on todays hardware…especially if your running an i5 or i7 on 4+gb of ram.


Gentoo has its place… I still run it from time to time. But it is not necessarily about performance enhancement, it is the customization factor, that is a big driver. And, the ability to completely, down to the granular level, control your features, in all the packages.


I am also doing something really radical, and this isn’t about linux but it’s against the grain when you own a PC, and that’s putting hackintosh on. So, most likely I have to have something that will behave with both windows and mac. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. But, gentoo seems to be more fixed towards a individual who wants to install and forget. I like to be able to modify and tweak things to my liking. Yes, there’s the inherent danger of breaking things, but you learn a lot about linux and how it works and its intrinsicies.


Same here; it is very much like Fvwm in that it is modular (the original enlightenment project was an fvwm fork). My problem with it is that it’s very difficult to theme, and the uber-blingy themes that exist get really old, really fast for me. The themes the Bodhi project created are pretty good though.


@ m00n - have tried running E22 in wayland on Arch? I think their E22 is compiled with the Wayland support. I’ve run E22 on Wayland in Debian (Testing and Sid) and it actually runs well - but a bit of a resource hog. Ultimately could be the way to go for those that like a stacking window manager/de but don’t want to go with Gnome or KDE.

Edit - and Elementary OS is really good. I’ve recommended it to a couple people that wanted to make the move from Windows to Linux - it’s a good gateway distro for that scenario.


Yeah when I Mum had issues with Windows I installed Elementary for her. No issues since.


Elementary OS is a really great beginner distro. It was my first Linux distro after deciding to step into the Linux-verse. If any of my family were to ever end up on a Linux distro, that would probably be the one I’d install/recommend for them. It would also be a good alternative for someone that enjoys MacOS with the similarities aesthetic wise.


My thoughts too. I like elementary and where they are headed, its just not bleeding edge enough for my liking.


I’m quite keen to try this out


I tried their first release but couldn’t get it to install. Maybe I can try version Juno and see if that will install on my insanely useless computer. Their first release I was only able to play with it on live mode.


I’m not going to install as I will never use it any further than the live USB. It does look very nice though.