Electronic garbage (another chance)


If I could get away with throwing my android in the trash, I would. I’d certainly not wish it upon another human being.

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This pc was given to me by my roommate. I installed ArchLabs 2019.01. The components are from 2009 and it was used to play. It works without problems.



The little thing on the right is an old Atom-based netbook. It runs i3 / Void and does nothing but keeping my internet connection alive. My previous LTE slowed down as hell. I terminated the contract, but it remains in effect until April. As long as I must pay for this crap, I use a borrowed LTE modem, which turns off if unused for 5 minutes, and refuses to turn back on. I am going to connect optical fiber in April. Meanwhile, the netbook has some occupation.

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:heart_eyes: I love those little laptops. I still have my Acer Aspire One with BunsenLabs.

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Well, being bought a new battery, it still could be useful at taking notes or browsing the web with qutebrowser.

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Yes, it works well for that. It’s not very powerful, but it’s hard

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:hear_no_evil: This is a transformer. I cut the laptop cooler to add the converter and support the screen. Now I use it as a second monitor or to work with RPi

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Wow, ingenious @Negata

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Thanks @altman! I destroyed the other screen while I adjusted it to the aluminum structure. I imagined this after the destruction

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lol, I would be pretty good destruction-wise I must say ! lol

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Yees @altman. From the destruction of the other screen came out something nice.

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Yep, top work @Negata

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